Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Birthday Girl

I think the birthday girl had a good day. She went out with friends for dinner last night, then went to a party and spent the night at a friends. The mom made her bacon this morning. She knows T so well!

When she got home we went to the Cafe de Paris downtown for Brunch.  The food was good but weird if that makes any sense (reminds me of the Boot in the Preserve; the food is good but weird combinations).  I had the french toast but the sides were fruit cup (good) and french fries (weird).  Cosmo & KJ had the omelette and the sides were french fries (weird) and a salad (even weirder).  T had the Chicken Cordon Blue (good) and her side was french fries (good). 

On our way home from Brunch T picked out a beach cruiser to take to school.  She really wants to stay in shape at school and does NOT want to gain the dreaded Freshmen 15. 

We then headed down to the pool to grill some burgers and dogs.  T had some friends over to help eat cake and we all just chilled.  It thundered here late in the day but we never got a single drop of rain. 

I kid you not.  The month-long birthday celebrations have just begun.  She's got plans to go out again tonight.  Keeping my fingers crossed she doesn't come home with a tattoo!  

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Unknown said...

What a cute post! Happy birthday to T! Is she moving far away to school? The freshman 15 wasn't my problem.... it was the "i've graduated and live on my own now so can only afford pasta" issue. :-p

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