Sunday, July 15, 2012


Had a fun but extremely exhausting day w/ Daughter #2 today.  I was just planning to have a little "me" ("little me"??) time running some errands and then she asked if she could tag along. 

We ran down to Hobby Lobby which was a total bust because I always forget it's closed on Sundays.  Good for them but major inconvenience for me!  My dad was in retail for 40+ years and as kids, my bother and I HATED when our dad had to work Sundays or holidays.  I really do think it's great when a company closes it's doors to allow associates to be with their families (a la Chick Fil A).  When I was growing up, certain NJ counties had blue laws -- no retail stores open on Sunday.  So, if you were dying to go Paramus you had to get your act together and leave the house crazy early on Saturday (also, no tax on necessities in NJ:  clothing, medication, etc.).  PLUS you don't have to pump your own gas and touch those nasty gas pumps!!!  But I digress. 

We re-grouped and headed over to Bed Bath and Beyond to pick up some stuff for T.  Got everything on our list (and then some)  and set our sights for Michael's.  Bought a nice frame for T's cap & gown photo and some miscellaneous other stuff.  But forgot the spray adhesive and mod podge. 

And then, God help me, we went back to school jean shopping.  I could go into graphic detail about all the other things I'd rather do than go school shopping with KJ.  I would rather walk on glass, I would rather eat glass, I would rather watch an episode of Glee than go clothes shopping with KJ.  Get the picture?  One of us always ends up crying.  However, today was a very successful day!  She walked out of the store with THREE pairs of jeans!  Whoop!  Whoop!  I know it's very early to start thinking about back to school clothes but we totally lose a week this year w/ Disney at the end of the month and she'll have vball practice before school starts and I refuse to hit the mall on tax-free day. 

After clothes shopping we headed over to DSW.  I have a bridal shower/bachelorette party next weekend and my dress is very, very plain black and I want to dress it up with silver strappy sandals.  I have silvery greyish pumps that I wore to my cousin's wedding but they will look all wrong with this dress.  This LBD really needed some sexy strappy heels.  I also had a $10 DSW coupon.  Score!

Then we hit Ulta.  T's "little sis" from last year's DYW pageant is participating this year and I wanted to put together an encouragement gift bag for her.  We focused on things she may need in the dressing room in between segments . . . clear lip gloss, aspirin, q-tips for make-up touch-ups, blotting papers, pony tail holders for blonde hair, and one of those pretty acrylic cups with a lid and a straw to hydrate!  Oh and I bought her a small mirror which I bedazzled the heck out of when I got home! 

Then, things got a little weird.  KJ & I walked over to the Christmas Tree Shop.  I had only been in there once before.  Somehow I walked out of the Christmas Tree Shop with hairspray and body wash and happy birthday paper plates to take to the office.  Not a freakin' Christmas tree in sight.  That is the weirdest store on the planet!!!

On the way home, we stopped in on some friends that we hadn't seen since the end of lax season and played catch-up.  They've got some good, fun, exciting stuff about to happen and we are all SO excited for them!  They are a good husband and wife team, they have great kids and after talking to them and seeing the fruits of their labor, I really do believe that when a door closes . . .

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