Monday, July 16, 2012


What Would We Do Without Pinterest? 

My "Weird Mason Jar Obsession" has been well documented on this blog as well as other social media.  I can't remember a time when I didn't collect glass jars.  Maybe it started when I was a little girl and Welch's jelly used to come in souvenir glasses.  Maybe when I had the ENTIRE set of Holly Hobby glasses or Muppet Movie glasses from either BK or McD's???
Anyone else remember these beauts???

I don't just save just mason jars.  If it's got a cool or unique shape, I'll clean it up and hold on to it.  One of my favorite shrimp cocktail sauces comes in a neat glass bottle . . . looks great as a bud vase on my kitchen windowsill in multiples.  When we were first married I had a couple of jars in the bathroom to hold q-tips, cotton balls, etc.  KJ's favorite alfredo sauce jar, wide-mouth salsa jars, little baby food jars all look good with tea lights or votives in them.  I like to use them in groups and different sizes to add a little variety.  When we're having a party at the house, I always line my front steps with jar candles.  It looks AMAZING and I always get lots of compliments.  I line the drive-way with them at Halloween for the trick-or-treaters.  Wrapped in seasonal ribbon or twine or rafia, they look great in groups on the mantel.  I've used the smaller baby food ones as hanging votives in the backyard (twist some wire around them, twist some more wire into hoops and hang them from the trees).  I scatter them throughout the backyard whenever T has had an "after" party -- I set them on flat rocks in the garden, on tree stumps, nestled in the flowers.  If one breaks, I don't care.  Didn't really cost me anything.  I have so many freakin' jars a friend borrowed a bunch for both of her sons' recent engagement and wedding celebrations.  I told her to keep what she wanted, I didn't really need them back.  Everything looks better with candlelight! 

So the other day I'm on Pinterest and someone pinned some home organization tips.  Ok.  I'll bite.  She mentioned storing cupcake liners in mason jars.  Holy Mother of God!  Why didn't I think of this???!!!  I had been keeping my holiday cupcake liners in a large ziplock baggie but they always got smashed, wrinkled, flattened, etc.  So I went down to the Mason Jar Mecca of the World (aka my garage) and found these salsa jars.  They work perfectly because they are wider at the top!  I kid you not.  Cosmo walked in the door, saw this on the counter and said, "Holy cow!  That's amazing."  Cosmo, meet Pinterest. 


Amanda Olvey said...

New follower! The name of the blog alone was enough, but after reading, I'm hooked!!

Popcorn, Pugs & Peonies said...

OK, that really is a fabulous idea!

Husband and I received "free" mason jars with handles (ok, we paid $15 each for the beer that came with them)at a festival we recently attended. I never knew we liked mason jars, but they have since become out go to glasses around the house.


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