Friday, July 20, 2012

Close One !!

I've been a little paranoid since T turned 18 that she was going to surprise us all and come home with a tattoo one night.  I know she wanted to get something small and something meaningful.  A classy tattoo (is that one of those oxymorons??  Like jumbo shrimp??)  I know she wouldn't come home w/ "Mom" or barbed wire around her bicep.  We chatted about it the other day and she said, "everyone has a tattoo these days, they're not even cool anymore."  Whew.  (not that there's anything wrong w/ tattoos; I just don't want her rushing out and getting one and regretting it later). 

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Unknown said...

My mom was NOT a fan of my tattoo when I got one... and still isn't even though I have 2, my sister as 1, and my brother has a million Haha.

However, I did at least wait a while (prob about 3 1/2 years) after I was 18 to get my first one.

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