Wednesday, November 28, 2012

BIG love

This week is Big/Little Week at AOPi.  T's big sister reached out to me before the Thanksgiving break and ask for some funny stores about T, her favorite color, movies, etc. 

Monday's theme was "Girls Night In" and T's Big had some wonderful things for her with a super sweet poem.  She had several t-shirts, a chevron Pillow w/ T's initial on it, several monogrammed canvases (a couple framed), a couple of T's favorite movies, a popcorn bucket, candy, nail polish, toe separators, stuff for a home facial, etc. 

Tuesday's theme was "The Grove"and T's sweet Big showered her with all sorts of tailgaiting supplies -- a customized hand-painted cooler filled with red Solo Cups, Chips + Salsa, personalized wine glasses, stuff to play flip cup, can coozies, some more t-shirts and a cute Tank-Top, a Colonel Reb canvas painting and Tuesday's poem was hilarous!!!

Can't wait to see what Wednesday brings!

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