Friday, November 23, 2012

Shop Small Saturday

No Black Friday shopping for this kiddo.  I went once, when KJ was only 6 weeks old, with my SIL and that was the one and only time. 

The FL fam was visiting us for our first Thanksgiving in Alabama.  My birthday was in September and KJ was born a few days later in mid-October.  I asked Cosmo not to buy me any b-day presents so that I could go shopping for some new clothes after the baby was born.  We didn't head out super early or at midnight; I think we left the house around 8 AM and had no problem finding a parking spot.  I honestly don't think SIL actually bought anything and I only went into clothing stores trying to find clothes to fit my 6-week post partum body.  We weren't out at Best Buy or Walmart or anything like that.  We had lunch at the mall and the guys took the kids to the McWane Center for the day.

Of course I shop at big mass-merchandisers out of necessity like everyone else, but I would much rather shop small if I could.  I love when Ross Bridge has it's Farmer's Market, I love shopping at the Wrapsody's in Patton Creek, I like to buy unique one of a kind items on Etsy and I would much rather meander here than anywhere else: 

Well, except maybe here: 

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