Saturday, November 17, 2012


So happy to have all my chick-a-dees in the nest! T got in yesterday afternoon with plenty of time to help KJ get ready for the 7th grade dance.  She did KJ's make-up while I curled her hair.  Good God that kid has a ton of hair!  The dance was a hoe-down and KJ looked super cute in her new cowboy boots!

Really looking forward to a relaxing week.  T's got some stuff on her to-do list for the week and has plans w/ friends almost every night.  Not sure how much we're going to actually "see" her during break but we had a nice day catching up.  In addition to her laundry, she came bearing gifts.  She had an AOPi long-sleeve shirt for KJ and she brought me an Ole Miss sweatshirt and hat to wear to the Egg Bowl in case it's chilly.  I made her favorite chili cheese dip to eat while we watched the Ole Miss vs. LSU game.  What a heartbreaker.  Coach Freeze is taking the team in the right direction, they just can't seem to close the deal. 

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