Tuesday, November 20, 2012

No Sleep 'til Brooklyn

Iconic Beastie Boys song?  Kate Spade's famous bangle?  Nope.  Just the story of my life.  Insomnia stinks as it is and a house full of kids home from college doesn't help either.  OMG.  I got maybe an hour, hour and a half, sleep TOPS last night.  It was just a comedy of errors that kept getting worse and worse as the night wore on. 

One of T's friends is leaving for the Navy in a couple of days and after they went out for dinner they all came back to our house.  Which normally is not a problem.  However, they are still on college time, Cosmo & I are on adult-I-have-to-get-up-for-work-in-the-morning-time.  Seemed like my garage door opened all night.  They just kept coming.  And leaving. And squealing everytime someone new stopped by.  And saying goodbye everytime someone left.  For the most part, they were pretty quiet but our bedroom is right over the garage door so I heard everything.  So then I moved out to the couch.  And then KJ was wandering around upstairs.  And then she came downstairs and laid on the couch with me.  And then moved back up stairs.  And then the dog joined me.  And then someone's alarm accidentally went off crazy early.  And then I moved back into my bed.  And then Cosmo's alarm went off.  And then he got in the shower.  And then my alarm went off.  Holy Moly.  I am exhausted and look like death warmed over today. 

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