Saturday, September 22, 2007

FaceOff is a Success!

"You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment." -- Henry David Thoreau

What a great, busy weekend (and it's only 7 PM Saturday night!). Last night we went to the Hoover Homecoming game and sat w/ friends. It's a lot of fun seeing the boys all cleaned up and checking out the girls dresses. It was particularly nice this year because we knew some of the girls that were nominated for Homecoming Queen and we were hoping they could all win! KJ wore a Hoover cheerleading uniform and had so much fun hanging out w/ Joe Leventry, Maggie & Will, Lauren and Lindsey. T sat w/ the Bumpus crowd. Bumpus won their game Thursday night and Hoover beat Mt. Brook last night.

This morning KJ had the 9 AM game @ Hueytown (Hoover 75 lbs. team won) and then we went to the Grand Opening of the new lacrosse store. Taylor and I stayed until almost 4 PM and it was very steady the 4 hours we were there. Lots of friends and players popping in to say Hi!

So, we leave for Vegas in the AM. Still have lots of packing to do! Chris is relaxing w/ Pop and watching the Alabama game. Pop is a little annoyed w/ Penn State right now. Stephen has called several times today to analyze each play w/ Pop.

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