Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Quiet as a Mouse

House is quiet . . . T's at dance and should be home any minute. We had a nice day today. She had an orthodontist appointment at 2 PM so I checked her out of school. I thought I was going to have to take her back to middle school for play rehearsal but it was cancelled. After the orthodontist we walked around Hobby Lobby looking for adhesive numbers to put on the electrical meter at the store (Alabama Power won't turn on the juice until our meter is properly identified). Couldn't find numbers appropriate for outdoor use so we had to go to Home Depot. After Home depot we had an early dinner at Johnny Rockets and had plenty of time to kill before dance. I took T with me to the store and we put the numbers on the meter in the rain. Hope they stick!

Spoke w/ Kendall this afternoon. She had so much fun with Lisa at her school. Kendall said she likes Lisa's school better because you don't start getting homework until 3rd grade. She also said they went out side and played in the rain. I asked her if she had PE or anything like that and she said they don't get PE until Thursdays. Kendall has PE every day in Hoover.
Chris had a good day at the show. He had a good steak dinner somewhere downtown and was sitting in traffic heading back to his mom's. I'm sure he doesn't miss sitting on the Tappan Zee Bridge every night like he did when he worked in Westchester (pre-cell phone era).

Playschool tomorrow. We have a very sweet little class and Monday was much better than last Wednesday (the first day). We still have a couple of little ones that need to ease into the whole playschool/being away from Mommy thing but I'm sure they'll do fine. Ava Clare and Anderson play wonderfully, Holden generally does well. Camilla will do fine in a couple of weeks. Jerries (JuJu) makes our hearts break because he just cries and cries for his Mama. Meredith is too cute w/ her beautiful blonde curls and Grace is very, very sweet. Hunter is a little peanut and is going to do just great.

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Unknown said...

Love Kendall! She is so great. Kate made it to dance last night and is making up her missed class from last week tonight. I was happy to read that your dad is doing well. have a great day at preschool!! hopefully, even with the rain, you'll get to play outside on the new playground. ;)

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