Saturday, September 8, 2007

Youth Football has Started

"All women are created equal...then a few become cheerleaders!"

"To cheer or not to cheer? What a stupid question!!"

The Hoover 75 lbs. team had the 9 AM game this morning versus Clay/Chalkville. Hoover won 26-7. Very hot this morning but the girls put on a happy face and cheered well. Our half-time music pooped out on us but the girls still did a great job!

After the game Chris, Kendall & I went to the Tip Top Grill for lunch and some quiet time. I took T to the mall this afternoon to buy a present for her friend's b-day party tonight (our usual Hollister gift card!). Chris & Kendall are headed over to the new store to do some spackling before Sunday's big paint party. Carpet is to be installed this week so things are shaping up nicely. FaceOff Alabama is expected to have it's Grand Opening on September 22. Keep your fingers crossed!!!

"~*It's a cheer thang, you wouldn't understand!*~"


Unknown said...

okay, i'm confused. what new store are they spackling? maybe i should know this but i don't.

also, hollister was the store to be and be seen in today. haha. so fun! i think maddie's party is the party of the year. she must be the last one to be turning 13. they're all going to have a great time.

Unknown said...

did the cheerleaders get the boys to zap the qb?

Valerie said...

Chris is opening a retail Lacrosse store in Vestavia right behind the Red Lobster. It's exciting but a little scary, too!

I got SOOO flippin' lost driving to Maddie's house!!!

Unknown said...

i love the lacrosse store that is so great. Chris is king of lacrosse in alabama, awesome! it's going to be so successful. ;)

i know, maddie's house is so unique. it's a farm in the middle of hoover. too funny. can't wait for kate to get up so i can hear about the party. i went to bed before she got home.

Cosmo said...

You guys are so funny, i think there are only 3 people that look at the two of your blogs. Maybe 4

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