Sunday, September 9, 2007

Kendall is all packed and ready to go!

She's SO excited about her trip! She's all packed and was in bed fairly early because of their 6:30 AM flight out of B'ham. Not sure how much sleep she's actually going to get, she's too worked up. Maybe she'll sleep on the plane. Cousin Lisa is a 3rd Grade teacher and may take Kendall to school with her on Tuesday. Kendall was sort of like "school??? I'm on vacation!" but is warming up to the idea.

She's a pain in the butt and never stops talking but I'm sure I'll miss her horribly while she's gone. Inside I'm laughing because I know she's going to drive Chris insane for 3 days. I have a feeling he'll be wearing his earphones on the plane to drown her out.

To all you ladies in the house, check out this website:
I saw this widow on one of the news channels today and we instantly bonded. Did you know that one football season equals over 900 hours of television time (or 37 days). That's a LOT of time our men are wasting on football, not to mention Fantasy Football. The average man spends at least 45 minutes a day organizing his line-up and over an hour a day just THINKING about his fantasy football team. No offense, but that's just gay!!! (not that there's anything wrong with being gay!!)

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