Monday, September 17, 2007

Nick Names

We leave for Vegas on Sunday, 9/23 and will be home on Wednesday, 9/26. My parents are coming down to stay w/ the girls and will go straight to FL from here. I'm really looking forward to getting away for a couple of days. I have no idea what flights we're on, I have no idea what hotel we're staying at. I'm letting Chris handle all the details; I'm just going with the flow. This is technically a business trip for Chris and I think Sunday & Monday night we have dinners w/ vendors. During the day I think I'll be on my own. This trip I'd like to get to the Bellagio and some of the stuff down that way. Last trip we were at the Venetian and saw the Mirage, Treasure Island, the Wynn, Caesars.

I subscribe to a neat little e-newsletter called Wickedly Chic. They have Sunday night give-aways and they just started doing Thursday night give-aways. All you have to do is send them an e-mail during the contest hours. Well, this week I won a $25 gift certificate to an independent bath & beauty company called "5th Avenue Bath Co." I ordered a "Martini Gift Set" which includes a
*Luxurious hand & body wash
*Jojoba Exfoliating Body Scrub with Dead Sea Salt
*Hand & Body cream with goat milk & shea butter
They had all different flavors: Cosmo, Lemon Drop, Pink Grapefruit Martini, Pomegranate Martini. Don't they sound yummy??? I think it's super cool! I never win anything!

OK, so we've figured out my stripper name is: Dallas Glitter Heat
My Gangsta name is: Valeizzle
My detective name is: Green Unicorn
My soap opera name: Ann Lakemont
My Star Wars name is: CosVa
My SuperHero Name is: PinkSnapple
My witness protection name: Edward Ann OR Ann Edward (depends on my mood)
and, finally, my Goth name is: Black Buddy (my personal favorite)

What else is new? Let's see . . . Chris left this morning for California. He'll be back Wednesday. He was busy all weekend at the store. Face Off Alabama looks awesome and the Grand Opening is scheduled for Saturday, 9/22. He had so much help this weekend and is so happy to have such good buddies. Randy Nace, Scott & Haden Smith, Odie, Eric Christensen, Jake P and a bunch of lax boys also stopped to by to either say hello or lend a hand.

Yesterday Kendall & I had cheer photos and right after that she had a Brownie Meeting. We were supposed to go to church for the Sunday School open house but never made it. Kendall is making her First Holy Communion in May and is happy to have her friend Maggie in her class, her friends Lindsey, Joe and Evvy, too.

So, did you watch the Emmy's last night? T & I watched most of it. I loved the yellow dress Joely Fischer wore but can't seem to find a picture of it on the web. I'd like to put a snapshot of it on my blog. Eva Longoria looked sassy as always and Taylor really liked Teri Hatcher's dress (I didn't see it . . . must have been in the bathroom or something). I really liked the dress that Edie Falco wore (Sopranos) and I also liked Denis Leary's wife's dress. She had a cute haircut, too. The critics don't have anything nice to say about the green ostrich feather dress Vanessa Williams wore. She's a diva and I thought she carried it off in a way that only she can. She's so beautiful, it really doesn't matter what she wears.

So those are my meandering musings for a Monday. Have a great week!


Unknown said...

Hi. Thank you very much for refreshing me on all your fun names esp. the porn name. haha. Also, thanks for telling me who is in Joe's Sunday school. He'll be jazzed that Kendall is in there! Yeah! We didn't make it to open house either. I'm sure we're going to hell. Okay, so you'll be here Friday. Are we tailgating before the game? Yes!

Unknown said...

We are going to have to get an idea of what homecoming dresses we'll be buying next year. Can you even believe it? Crazy!

Valerie said...

I don't think we're going to make it to this week's Hoover game. My mom & dad will be arriving Friday so we can go to Vegas. I'm sure after being in the car for 2 days straight they're not going to want to sit on the cold, hard bleachers. Also, FaceOff's big grand opening is Saturday, 9/21. We'll probably have a lot of last minute store stuff to do. Come by the store! Is Kate still interested in playing lax? Fall ball starts 9/30. Very informal, casual, learning environment for 6 weeks. I know where you can get some lax equipment cheap!! ha! ha!

Unknown said...

shoot. i'm bummed you won't be there to dish about the homecoming dresses! do not look for kate to do lax, i just asked her and she yelled at me. ouch!

so fun you're mom and dad are coming. have fun! will miss you friday.:(

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