Sunday, December 2, 2007

Christmas is Officially here!

We rec'd our first Christmas card of the 2007 season today (it technically arrived Saturday but no one remembered to get the mail yesterday so we didn't open the card until Sunday). Congratulations to the Smith family of Birmingham, AL! They were this year's winners! Their winning Christmas card was a wonderful compilation of warm holiday sentiments, excellent penmanship, and a crisp, clear beautifully photographed family portrait. Kudos!
P.S. Okay, I'm being a "little" bit sarcastic here. My cards are still in the unopened boxes and I have no stamps. Who am I kidding? These cards will be lucky to leave Alabama on Christmas Eve! Maybe next year I'll just do "Happy New Year" cards instead!

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Alison said...

Hey Valerie, I do not blog, but I did create an account so I can comment on Heather's and yours (yes I read yours almost everyday, another great way to procrastinate). You can tell Taylor that I do have a Facebook account, but no MySpace.

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