Monday, December 17, 2007

KJ had "hat" day at school today and insisting on wearing a goofy fleece hat that she's had since she was a toddler. It's got a pastel colored M&M print on it. She was so cute. When she put in on her head this morning she said, "Aaaahhh. This hat is filled with memories."

Nice day at playschool today. The babies were good. After work I ran my car thru the car wash and vaccuumed it out. I also ran to the movie theater to buy some movie passes for a Dirty Santa party for T and I bought the girls' dance teacher a gift card to Zoey's (and picked up some marinated slaw for myself!).

Rec'd some wonderful Christmas cards in today's mail. Very creative. The Anton's (our neighbor's in Cincy) sent a really cool card that was a collage on the front. Natalie is a year older than T, I can't remember how old Jack is and Shelby is a year older than KJ. Our friend's the Drivas's also sent a card (didn't know they had another baby!). Their oldest boy, Noah, looks just like Jimmie did when he was a boy. We also rec'd our annual "Crawford Crier" from our neighbor's in MD. We look forward to it every year! My friend Lizz also sent an absolutely gorgeous card of her two little ones, Nicholas & Isabella. The front of the card is a close-up of the kids.

So, tomorrow's T's big day. I'm not sure if she'll be able to sleep tonight. Getting these braces off is all she's talked about for the last several weeks.

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