Saturday, December 1, 2007

Thanks Sparky!

Chris & KJ put up the outside lights late this afternoon. He did a lot of yardwork and ran a bunch of errands prior to decorating. He had to get some extension cords and some more lights. I thought he was just running down to Home Depot but the next thing I know, he's calling from Costco and wants to know if I'd like some shrimp scampi for dinner. Never, ever send Chris to Costco. He came home w/ the shrimp scampi, a new set of towels (???) and a HUGE popcorn cart (???). What the hell?

Clark: Our holidays were always such a mess.
Clark Sr.: Oh, yeah.
Clark: How'd you get through it?
Clark Sr.: I had a lot of help from Jack Daniels
KJ has a little school performance this week. I'd like to know which dumb-ass decided the 2nd graders should dress up as Egyptians. For those of us "non-crafty" mom's, do you realize how difficult it is to come up w/ this stuff? I don't sew and I don't have an imagination. Maybe KJ will be sick that day.
Just sitting here waiting for my popcorn. Have a great weekend!

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