Monday, December 3, 2007

Warning!!!! The following material may be explicit!!!

NOTE TO SELF . . . Do NOT, under ANY circumstances, take a 13-year old shopping for jeans and shoes. She can wear some of her father's old things, she can make her clothes in home ec (or whatever the hell they call it these days) or she can just tie some shoe boxes to her feet. I repeat, do NOT, take a 13-year old shopping for jeans and shoes.


Unknown said...

haha, so laughing b/c i'm right there with ya! taking a 13 year old shopping for anything requires lots of alcohol!

Valerie said...

yeah, I forgot to take my "happy" pill prior to shopping w/ T! ha! ha! Seriously though, she's usually not a problem to take shopping. We took over 30 pairs of jeans into the Belks dressing room. The attendant looked at us and said, "You know you can only take 6 items in at a time, right?" and we just kept walking right into the dressing room. Out of 30 pairs, she found 4 that actually somewhat fit. The problem came during shoe shopping. I swear, she was looking at stripper shoes! We went to Payless, RackRoom (that's where the tears started) and DSW. There was not ONE shoe appropriate for a 13-year old girl to wear to school every day. Everything was a HUGE stilleto heel or it looked too baby-ish. UGGGGHHH!!!

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