Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Rec'd this photo in an e-mail from a friend (not her baby, just one of those e-mails that makes the rounds). Santa looks really relaxed and the baby is just too darn cute! This is how both of my girls liked to sleep when they were little, tummy-to-tummy. Every once in a while KJ will still want to lay down like that w/ me.

T's mouth is still hurting a little and she's not used to the retainer. She's not complaining or anything, but she asked for cup of soup for dinner.

Sent KJ to her bathroom to take a bath (she's been using my shower a lot lately but has been leaving her clothes and dirty towels on my floor so I've put an end to that). Anyway, for some stupid reason I opened the cabinet under her sink and couldn't believe the stuff that came pouring out. I was almost killed by lip gloss, beads and bobby pins. Seriously, I almost lost an eye (which would have been a shame right before the holidays and all). So, at 8:15 PM T hauled the vaccuum up there and I just starting going at it. I made her take EVERYTHING out from under her sink and just starting going crazy w/ the vaccuum. She had Barbies under there w/ one arm missing, Happy Meal toys and enough body lotion and bubble bath to open up her own Bath Junkie store. I think I sucked up enough hair beads to do half of Bo Derek's head in the movie "10." One thing lead to another and we capped off the evening by cleaning her room and the rest of the bathroom. Let's see how long it will stay this way.

Last day of playschool tomorrow until '08. I can't believe it. Our class is really, really sweet this year (I say that every year, don't I? Well, there was that one year I cried a lot. And drank a lot. In the parking lot. And on the playground.). Tracy Lev, I know you know what I'm talking about girlfriend!!!

P.S. If anyone sees my husband before Saturday, tell him to get his ass to the mall!!!


monkeyseemonkeydontdo said...

Hey V, have a great last day!!!! T.Byers was not in attendance yesterday but I am hoping that she is there on Thursday, I have missed her! I have so enjoyed reading your blog, makes me smile! Talk to you later

Unknown said...

Hi. Okay, am loving all the decorations and the fun big santa! i need one of those. i'll paint you an angel picture so you'll have it for next year. :) Taylor's teeth, look great. kate is counting down the days til hers come off. I think she has 3 weeks. KJ just cracks me up b/c Kate is the same way. When I deep cleaned her room this past fall, I seriously thought I might die. And yes, I know which year you're talking about, that is how thursday became wine night. lol.
merry merry.

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