Thursday, December 6, 2007

Queen of the Nile

Tonight was KJ's big debut. She opened the show with, "Welcome to our Quest production of 'Feeling Good.' We hope you enjoy the show." She did a great job and even cleared her throat before she approached the microphone.

Looks like someone watches a little too much "America's Next Top Model!"

Chris did a great job decorating KJ's costume. The kids had a really good time and KJ told me they worked really hard and learned new words like "stagnant."

KJ was a teensy bit upset that we didn't bring her a bouquet of flowers like we do for T's opening nights. I told her I would buy her a bouquet of roses when she performed in her first middle school show; not for elementary school. You watch. 4 years from now the little turd will hold me to it.

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