Thursday, December 20, 2007

Trying to get some wrapping and packing done today. It's a gray, rainy, windy, chilly day. Perfect for staying in!

Chris got new tires on his car so the girls and I met him for Johnny Rockets to keep him company. It was super windy out and the sky was a beautiful stormy, deep pink/purple/orange. We even saw a rainbow on our way to meet him. Crazy weather here; Jerry Tracy of NBC13 said Saturday will be a record high of 68. Nuts I tell ya'! Nuts!

I fell in the parking lot of Johnny Rockets and now my whole body is sore! My leg slid out from under me and I did a total split. It wasn't pretty.

KJ is at Lauren's and Katie & Kerry are at my house for the night. Somehow I lost in the bargain . . .gave up one child but gained twins.

Spoke to my sister-in-law for a little bit tonight. My neice had to have one of her baby teeth pulled yesterday (she fell and hit the bathtub and the tooth really needed to come out). Steve stayed home from work w/ her today because she's getting a little sick and running a fever (nothing to do w/ the tooth thing). I can not wait to see the kids at Christmas. We didn't make it to PA over the summer so we haven't seen the kids since last Christmas.

Got lots of Christmas cards the last couple of days: the Levs, the Bartons, my cousins in NJ, a couple of people Chris works with and we even got a cheesecake in the mail! No need for a fork, I'll just stick it on my hips, thankyouverymuch!


*Yankee Belle* said...

You can split the cheesecake and I will put half on my ass. ;) Dang...would be in heaven if I got one!

Unknown said...

would so love to get a cheesecake in the mail! how fun. i'm so sorry you fell in the parking lot, that is sad. :(

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