Monday, December 22, 2008

baby It's cold outside!

Wow! What in the world happened to our 70 degree weather? Last Thursday it was so warm I had the A/C on in the house. Yesterday and today the heat's been clicking on. Supposed to warm up again toward the end of the week which is when my brother & his family will get here. Maybe they'll be happy to get out of the snow and cold in PA. The kids can play outside if they like and we won't be freezing our butts off the night we go to the zoo to see the Zoolight Safari.

I'll never forget the one year we took the kids to the Bronx Zoo to see the lights -- it was freezing!!! KJ was really little, she was still in the stroller. We had her so bundled up she could barely move! I'm thinking that was right after 9/11. We went home that Christmas and went to the Bronx Zoo one night and the next night we went into the city to see the tree and the Christmas windows at Sak's, Lord & Taylor, etc. We left KJ home w/ my brother and she got really sick and had some really bad diapers. I thought my brother was gonna kill me when we got home! ha! ha! That was a weird time in the city. I actually remember feeling extremely safe that night. I don't like crowds (I'm too freakin' short! all I see is everyone's backs!) but the police presence was very strong. 9/11 was still fresh on everyone's mind, there was still a big clean-up going on and you could tell everyone was just trying to get back to normal.

Last year when we went into the city it was fairly warm. At one point I actually took my jacket off and walked around because the sun was out and I had a heavy sweater underneath my coat. We also try to get a profressional family taken of the family in front of the tree at Rockefeller Center when we can. In last year's photo we all have our coats off (and last year's photo was the photo in which T really surpassed me in height. Big time.). My girls absolutely LOVE going into the city. I think it's one of the things they really look foward to when we drive up North. They love Times Square, 5th Avenue, Radio City, FAO, the American Girl store, the Hard Rock (you know -- all the touristy stuff!). We also had a nice family walk thru Central Park last year.

So, since I'm being melancholy and thinking about NY (pizza and bagels, oh my!), today's photos will reflect Christmas in the City.


monkeyseemonkeydontdo said...

Hmmm I love reading about your NYC memories...I hope you will have some good memories of the "South" too. DO you like the pizza you have to fold in half to eat??? If so you should try Davenports in Mt Brook rocks!!!! Well, I like it the best but I haven't ever had the NYC pizza!

*Yankee Belle* said...

Ugh...your post made me 'home' sick too. My cousins called yesterday to say they went into the city and froze their a-s-s-es off. No matter how cold it gets here, it is never as cold as up there. Davenports isnt the same...(I had heard this too and tried it. Good tho!) Oh and I am talking about the new Stix here in the G'dale. Ate their again last night and it was FABULOUS! Craving sushi?!?!?!

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