Thursday, December 18, 2008

Can you believe this weather?

At first I thought maybe I was going thru menapause a bit early. This is crazy. I have the A/C back on in the house today. I'm doing some cleaning and last minute stuff to get ready for tonight so I'm working up a sweat.

Went to KJ's 3rd grade Christmas program at school today. Very cute. Short, sweet and to the point. The kids sang a couple of Christmas carols and then we went up to her room for some crafts and a pancake breakfast. We have a room "dad" this year rather than a room "mom" and he's doing quite a decent job.

T gets out of school around 1 PM today; KJ her regular time. Both girls get out at 1 PM tomorrow. I've heard from the breeder and KJ & I have plans to meet her @ 2 PM to pick-up Trixie and bring her home with us. Can't wait!!!! I printed out the picture the breeder sent us and KJ took it to school to show everyone today.

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