Monday, December 8, 2008

busy weekend / glad to be home

We were in ATL for a girls lax tourney this weekend and I have never been so freakin' cold in my entire life. Seriously. Not in all my 28+ years living in the Northeast have I ever been that cold (all those youth football games I cheered at, all those JV and Varsity football games I cheered at, years of skiing, a boyfriend at college in Vermont, etc.). Saturday was a gray, damp, very overcast day and there were actually a couple of snow flurries while the games were being played. Sunday was a bright sunny day but the wind was horrifying. One of the dad's bought everyone those "hot hands" and I put them in my shoes. I was prepared w/ blankets, sweatshirts, jackets, scarves, hats and mittens but my little toesies were icicles! The goalie's mom brought a bunch of sleeping bags so KJ mostly hung out w/ their youngest daughter during the tournament to stay warm.
The girls played great on Saturday winning both of their games. Sunday, not so great. Couldn't get a thing going. I don't know if they were just cold and tired and wanted to get the hell home or what. On Saturday T had a really nice play -- she rolled thru a couple of defensive players and shot but hit the bars. It was a really loud "ding" so I know she had some power behind her shot.

I was so exhausted during the ride home I was out like a light before we even hit the highway. I mean I was sleeping HARD. I hate sleeping in hotel rooms so I didn't get any sleep for 2 nights. Between lack of sleep and being partially frozen, I think I went into one of those cryogenic states. ha! ha! I woke up on the outskirts of B'ham.
Tonight T had to dance at the freshman's girls basketball game. The dance team did their new Christmas routine and it was awesome! They looked like the Rockettes! They did a kickline and dropped into splits (just like the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders do!). The Christmas costumes are really, really cute ---- red, one-shouldered sequined skirted leotards with white marabou feathers, white gloves trimmed in marabou and marabou ponytail holders. Austin came to watch T dance so we invited him to join us for dinner. We grabbed a bite to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings and a bunch of lax players were there, too.


monkeyseemonkeydontdo said...

Love the costumes!! So festive. I hate sleeping in hotel rooms too, with all the people who previously slept in the same bed...shivers!!!

Valerie said...

For some reason we ALWAYS get a room that faces the parking lot or faces the highway and I hear the cars going by all night long.

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