Saturday, December 13, 2008


As you've probably heard by now, they have found the body of a small child in FL near Caylee Anthony's grandparent's home. Chris & I watched Larry King late last night and he had the grandparents on (I think it was from Wednesday; they hadn't found this little body yet). I'm a bit of a news-hound and watch Nancy Grace and Greta Van(whatever her last name is) pretty religously. I found it kind of interesting that this little body was found nude. A couple of weeks ago on Nancy Grace they discussed how someone found a little girl's dress near the Orlando airport and everyone assumed it was Caylee's. Her mother's response from jail was: "Oh please, they haven't even found her clothes yet." Almost like she knew that the body was naked. This whole case is fascinating to me. The mother is a habitual liar and I feel so bad for the grandparents. Obviously their daughter, Casey, has severe emotional issues and Mr. & Mrs. Anthony have been dealing w/ this behavior for years. They seem like they have to walk on eggshells around their daughter (probably fearing for their little grand-daughter). The weird thing is, if Casey Anthony didn't want to be a mom anymore, I have a feeling the grandparents would have taken custody of the little girl in a heartbeat. It sounds like Casey has been unstable for so long that Casey and Caylee have been living w/ them off and on and the little girl even had a room in her grandparents house. My parents are at the age where several of their friends have had to take custody of their grandchildren and this is not an uncommon occurence. Lots of grandparents are raising grandchildren for whatever reason. If this body is not Caylee Anthony, then who is it?

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That is a beautiful picture of Kendall!

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