Tuesday, December 2, 2008

LaLaLarry Langford

Found this picture of my neice on my sister-in-law's sister's Facebook page (does that make any sense?). Anyway, I think the little peanut is trying to call her Aunt Valerie and say, "I miss you and can't wait to come to your house for Christmas!!! You're the best Aunt on the planet!!!" That's what I think.
When KJ was little and had a bit of a speech impediment, we worked really hard on her "L's" and use to say, LaLaLarry because she would say Wawwy. Anyway, yesterday, the illustrious and colorful and often visionary Mayor of Birmingham, Larry Langford, was indicted on federal charges including bribery. This is the numskull who wants to bring the Olympics to the city of Birmingham and who wants to build a dome stadium in a crumbling, deteriorating downtown. Don't get me wrong, I like LaLaLarry. He's just a little out there sometimes.

This house has been fighting the crud for several days now. I think T brought it home w/ her from the Auburn/Alabama game. She stayed home yesterday and barely moved off the couch. I wasn't much better but was able to get a few things done. She went to school today but the Freshmen Center called and she had a fever and I needed to get her. I woke up in the middle of the night and moved to the couch -- I had a bit of a fever, sore throat, headache. Chris got the girls off to school and let me sleep it off. I feel much better. In any event, neither of them are going to dance tonight.

Chris found out last night that the the girls All-star team will not be participating in the January tournament in Tampa. Apparently, due to financial considerations, several other teams had to drop out of the competition. I think they heard BamaLax was coming to town and they got scared. That's just my personal opinion. T's pretty disappointed but the girls will still play in the Atlanta tournament this weekend.

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