Tuesday, December 9, 2008

What a weird Weather Day

the temperature outside (according to my car) is about 70 degrees. However, the wind is howling and it looks like it's going to rain any minute.

Got my haircut today. Yay!!! I needed it so bad! Jeffrey had a sign on his mirror that prices went up effective October 1 so I know I haven't been in since then. Honestly, I think my last haircut w/ August when the girls went back to school.

Ran to the mall for T earlier this afternoon. She needs a couple of grab bag/dirty santa type gifts over the next couple of weeks for various things. She has a 4:30 PM basketball game tonight, KJ has dance @ 5:30 PM and T teaches her little baby class at 5:30 PM today. KJ gets out of class @ 7:15 PM, T gets out at 8:45 PM.

Our tree is up in the living room but that's about it. No lights, no decorations. Maybe Chris can get the lights on tonight while the girls are at dance. We'd like to decorated tomorrow but he has boy's all-star lax practice. I don't know when this tree is ever going to get done. Maybe we'll just leave it as is.

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