Sunday, December 14, 2008

Great Sunday

Slept pretty good last night; had a good breakfast (just a bagel and a cup of tea -- didn't have enough eggs for Chris to make us all bacon & eggs). We left the girls at home and headed out to do some Christmas shopping and got everything accomplished and bought at one store. I needed photo paper to print out our Christmas card photos and I bought another package of Christmas cards. Spent the majority of the afternoon writing out cards. Chris went to the lax fields today for the little fella's all-star try-outs. T should be doing some homework/studying and KJ has a friend over (GW). I'm tired of picking up from kids this weekend so I told her GW could come over but they will be doing most of their playing outside. They've been pretty good and have played on the swingset and the trampoline most of the time.

I've heard from our breeder regarding our little puppy, Trixie, that's what KJ & I have named her (see photo above!). Trixie will be ready to come home w/ us any time after 12/20 so I guess we'll be driving out to Talladega next Sunday to get her. I can't wait and KJ is just beside herself. Buddy basically had the run of the house and I think we're going to try to "crate" train her. We also looked at cute little doggie beds today. Since I'm a little too old to have another baby (and my darling daughters positively FREAK at the thought of a baby in the house), I guess a little puppy will have to do!

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