Tuesday, March 27, 2012

10 on Tuesday

1. Ikea: over-hyped and confusing or genius furniture company?
Not an Ikea fan.

2. Your favorite interior-decorator-type person wants to makeover one room in your house. Which room do you choose and why?
My laundry room. I would really like an organized, functioning laundry room. I have visions of beautiful baskets/bins with gorgeous hand-written labels, top of the line appliances, maybe a refreshment/entertainment center to make laundry less of a chore?

3. Describe the furniture in your childhood bedroom. Did you like it? Where is that furniture now?
I had the typical bedroom of a little girl growing up in the 70's. It was very girly, kind of an off-white, with delicate flowers on the drawer pulls. My Aunt Bobby & Uncle Bob bought it for me and my mother always made sure I had a beautifully coordinated bedroom. I am the only girl in my family and my room was always pink or yellow or some other girly combination with perfectly matched accessories. I wanted a canopy SO bad but never got one. I have no idea where that furniture is now. My parents turned my bedroom into a guest room just a few weeks before my wedding. This is very similar to the furniture I had growing up:

4. When you’re done with furniture, what do you do with it? Donate it to Goodwill OR Sell it on Craigslist OR Put it by the curb and hope the trash guys take it?
We donate it. I've never sold any of my furniture.

5. My Pinterest furniture style could best be described as
antique/shabby chic
so random and varied it’s undefinable
I kind of lean more towards "antique / shabby chic". My style is “comfortable” and definitely not a fan of modern or contemporary.

6. Name the most important furniture/toy in a toddler’s playroom. And why?
Been a long time since a toddler's been in the house but I would have to say usable storage (meaning, the toddler can access the toys and easily help clean-up).

7. Your parents (or grandparents or other relative) are giving away all their furniture. Which piece do you really want?
My Aunt Josie had a beautiful vanity that I loved growing up. It was very 1920's looking, very art-deco; big beautiful mirror, lots of little drawers. And Cosmo's grandma had a similar piece that I was always drawn to. The photo below reminds me of the vanity I wish I had now as an adult:
8. Your biggest furniture buying or home decorating regret?
I love KJ's bedroom furniture but I absolutely positively hate the loft bed. It is SO hard to make and never looks nice. .

9. $1000 gift card! Do you want it to Ethan Allen, Ikea, Pottery Barn Kids?
Ethan Allen. See responses to #1 and #6.

10. Bunk beds, loft beds, trundle beds, or canopy beds?
Easy . . . canopy! See responses to #3 and #8!

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