Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Jar Head

We all know about my obsession with mason jars but did you know about my love for apothecary jars? Apothecary jars are so multi-functional, so multi-seasonal!

These jars were very popular on Pinterest during the holidays. Very simple to change the contents, change the ribbon and switch out the letters.

Here's another variation for Christmas. You can do this at Easter with Jellybeans or Valentine's Day with conversation candy hearts. I recently saw the Easter grass photo on Pinterest and LOVED it!

You can use apothecary jars in the bath to hold soaps, sponges/loofas, bath crytals, q-tips/cotton balls, bath bombs, etc.

And apothecary jars are perfect for candy buffets! The candy bar always looks better when your candies and color/theme coordinate. Keep everything in the same color scheme and it looks amazing!

If you have a beachy themed home, apothecary jars are perfect for your beach treasures -- your collection of shells, smooth rocks, starfish, sea glass, etc.

And how cool is this! Using apothecary jars in the laundry room! If you use powder detergent, wouldn't laundry be less of a chore if you had a beautiful jar on hand and maybe a special silver scoop???

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Unknown said...

VERY cute ideas!

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