Friday, March 2, 2012

Respect the Polygon

Supposed to be a wild weather day. If you live in AL, follow James Spann @spann on Twitter or watch ABC 33/40. I believe you can also listen in on the Rick & Bubba network. James is the man and will let you know when to get in your safe spot. His geographic knowledge of the state of Alabama is phenomenal. and I love the fact that's he's been married to his wife forever!

This crazy weather is wrecking havoc on our weekend plans / games / tournaments. Tonight was supposed to be dance team try-outs but every thing's been cancelled. As if those poor girls weren't nervous enough, they now have to wait the entire weekend and audition on Monday! The boys lax team was supposed to play a team from ATL tonight and Coach was able to secure the turf field in the event of rain but tornado's are a whole different story so he's cancelled the game all together. T is supposed to play Saturday AM and if the field is a mess, I'm sure her games will be cancelled as well. KJ & I were supposed to drive to Nashville for her vball tourney but I don't think we need to be on the road today so we'll just head up in the AM. I'm so glad all my chicks will be in the nest tonight. And of course, we feel so much safer having our own version of Al Roker at home (she's just a little younger, a little whiter, a little thinner). KJ's got our emergency kit ready and is hunkered down. I wouldn't be surprised if she put on her bike helmet or her lacrosse goalie helmet on tonight for the possibility of falling debris. Trust me. that kid respects the polygon.

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