Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday's are Rough

We play so hard on the weekends, Mondays are tough on two of the four of us (OK. It's me & KJ. We're just not morning people!). And losing an hour of sleep did not help at all.

This weekend's weather was gorgeous and T & I had a great time shopping at the Summit after the Sak's 5th Avenue Prom show. Got to spend some time with good friends, had a late lunch and enjoyed each other's company while Coach & KJ were at the boy's games in Huntsville. I got a few things for work and she bought two cute dresses at Urban Outfitters and some shoes at Belk.

Bad refs are killing Coach this year. I wasn't at the Huntsville game but KJ kept me up to date. Apparently Coach got a flag for asking the ref to clarify a call (which should have been a 1 minute penalty at best). The inexperienced ref gave Coach a 3 minute penalty instead. And then one of our players got an unsportsman-like penalty which is very un-like this particular player. Last week he also had a beautiful behind-the-back goal called back. So, two games in a row the boys games have been decided by refs. T also had 3 inexperienced refs at her game yesterday vs. Spain Park. Fortunately, it was a total and complete smack-down. I think the final score was 18-5. It was great to see some of our newer players score and get a better feel for the game.

Sunday KJ went to the local Y with a friend and swam a lot, took a yoga class, ran around the track and swam some more. I thought she would have been exhausted when she got home but at 10 PM she was up wandering around.

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