Monday, April 23, 2012

98 and counting

T played Oak Mountain yesterday and started the game off with 97 career goals.  She is now at 98.  I don't know what was going on with her yesterday but her head just wasn't in the game.  She was just "off."  I haven't seen her play that bad, never.  They were double- and triple-teaming her.  I have the most amazing photo of her charging down field with 6 OM girls on her.  She was mad as hell which is good.  She's got an incredible competitive spirit and was really upset with herself.  They ended up losing to OM by 1.  And there goes the undefeated streak.  Personally, I'm kind of glad that's out of the way.  I think the girls were more concerned with staying undefeated than they were with winning the game (if that makes any sense??).  KJ & I were able to leave T's game and still catch almost 3 full quarters of Coach's game.  They beat Grissom so that was pretty good.  Senior night this week for both the boys and girls varsity teams. 

KJ & I had a very successful shopping day Saturday afternoon.  She got a dress to wear to the May wedding, and a couple dresses to choose from for T's graduation.  She got 4 dresses in all and no one cried!  Yay!!! 

T and I sat down earlier today and started to address her graduation announcements.  I'm not exactly sure what the protocol is but I thought May 1 would be a good day to mail them out.  My mom, dad & brother will definitely be here to see her graduate.  Not sure about anyone else.  I don't think Cosmo's mother is physically up for the trip.  Right now, the plan is for KJ to go home w/ Grammie & Pop and spend some quality time in PA and then fly home by herself.  She loves doing that and thinks she's hot stuff. 

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