Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Sunday

What a nice, wonderful, relaxing Easter Sunday! Just the 4 of us and a yummy spiral ham! It was so nice, we decided to take dinner and ate out on the back deck. We just really needed a good family day. Cosmo had been in Dallas all week (and spent Tuesday afternoon in a stairwell during the tornadoes -- scary stuff!). He got home late Friday night and Saturday evening we helped friends celebrate their son's recent marriage.
We spent most of the day looking at old photo albums and did a lot of reminiscing. T was a very, very serious baby but is now a very silly adult. KJ was a very silly, happy baby but is turning into a serious teenager. She still comes up with some one-line zingers and is a smart ass but she was a much happier baby than T. You could not get T to smile in ANY baby photos! It was so aggravating!
I got a lot of photos off my camera and spent some time organizing my H:drive. I had a bunch of KJ's vball tournaments still on my camera, some lax photos and mine & T's recent trip to Ole Miss. And now we're gearing up for another crazy week . . . a couple of lax games (T & Cosmo), senior prom (wth???), DALC and a vball tournament. Sheesh.

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