Saturday, April 14, 2012

Fun Sized

I know I'm short but I guess I never realized how short. Seriously? I think I was standing in a hole when this photo was taken. Or KJ is standing on a box. And yes, we're both wearing flip flops.
It's tough being short. Sporting events are usually not fun especially when the folks in front of me stand up the entire game. The only way I can see the game is if I watch it on the jumbo-tron.
Movie theaters and airplanes can be pretty uncomfortable, too. My feet don't reach the floor so my legs just kind of dangle and it can get kind of painful after long periods of time.
And, of course, clothes shopping is never a joy. Sometimes the "petite" length is too long. I have a pair of khaki capri pants that can totally pass as regular pants.
I'm so glad my girls are both taller than me. I never wanted them to be giants, but anything over 5 ft is good in my book! I always told Cosmo the only reason I married him was so that my kids had a half-way decent shot at being somewhat tall.

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Unknown said...

AH, I hear ya! I'm exactly 5 ft (or so I say, could be a centimeter under haha).

SO many things are frustrating....

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