Thursday, April 26, 2012

Senior Night (Part One)

Last night we recognized and celebrated the 6 Seniors on the Girls Varsity lacrosse team and their families.  We had never done anything like that before and I think the girls (and their parents) had fun!  The game, unfortunately, was not very exciting and the final score was 19-1 or something ilke that (us).  The Bucs dominated from the first whistle and within seconds KRitchie scored the first goal of the night.  I barely had time to clap when T scored (#99) and then less than a minute later she scored again (#100).  Coach Roy & Coach Al called for a time out and presented her with the game ball and a plaque to commerate the event.  She went on to score 5 or 6 more (maybe 7?  I'm not really sure.  She had one goal called back.  I know that for sure.). 

I've been pretty good about holding my emotions in check during each of her "lasts" of Senior year (in some cases, they were "firsts" -- i.e., rushing the floor after pep rallies, singing the alma mater on the field after football games, Toga day), but last night I was very, very emotional on the field during halftime.  Knowing that was her last home game hit me really hard.  I think Senior Night, coupled with the 100th goal, just sent me over the edge. Not sure how I'm going handle Graduation Day. 

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