Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Boo?? Yay!!

Just a bunch of random stuff in no particular order:

-probably not a good idea watching the senior class DVD today.  I'm PMS'ing, very stressed and emotional and I should never watched that damn DVD.  Cried like a baby.   I starting bawling 10-15 photos into it.  Didn't even have the soundtrack playing.  So wonderful seeing all the fun, silly photos of the kids over the years.  I was emotional over kids I didn't even know. (I'm not sure if this is a Boo or a Yay!)
Senior Night 2011
-Tbone had a great time at the party last night.  She said the band was absolutely awesome (Fly by Radio) and everyone had a lot of fun. She said a lot of kids that normally wouldn't dance were out on the floor.  One of the mom's made the most amazing cake.  She had a little mishap setting up but if they hadn't said anything, I don't think anyone would have noticed. T thought her phone had been stolen during the party but she called the hotel this morning and they had it.  Someone must have turned it in.  Thank you kind, random stranger!  (Yay!)

-so apparently one of the local radio programs here in town has been talking about my husband.  A lot.  And I'm not really sure how I feel about it.  I don't listen to this particular radio station but plenty of folks we know do and crack up over the fact that they talk lax and mention Champ.  Couple of friends last week told me they referred to him as "The Guru."  This week he was "The Legend."  Too funny.  I think it's wonderful for the sport but this week someone told me they actually referred to Champ by his name.  That bothers me a bit.  I kind of feel violated. Like maybe our family privacy has been compromised (I know that must sound very ironic coming from me -- I have a blog, FB, twitter, Pinterest, etc. but I think it's different when I can control what I put out there, not have our family name put out there by someone else.  Make sense??).  Oh and this radio program is syndicated.  So folks all over the country (?) can hear it.  And it's also available on XM radio.  (maybe a little Boo?  a little Yay! for the sport). 

-in unrelated radio news, the radio station I do listen to in the mornings mentioned that plastic surgery among 13-18 year olds has increased over 500% in the last couple of years.  That's amazing.  Nose jobs?  Lipo?  What in the world does a 13 year old need to have "done??"  Botox?  Injectables??  I'm going with a (Boo) on this one. 

-in other awesome family news, KJ made the 7th grade volleyball team last night!  Whoop!  Whoop!  Very, very proud of her and her teammates! We left the party a few minutes early last night so she could check the list posted at the school and then took her to a celebratory dinner @ Johnny Rockets. (Yay!)

-Rangers lost (Boo).  I saw the word "ass-hat" used a lot last night when describing the officiating.  But next game is back at the Garden.  (Yay!)

-in Ole Miss Miscellaneous, I was behind the Ole Miss baseball team bus yesterday afternoon which was fun.  Then, T received her ID card in yesterday's mail.  That was weird.  The thought of her heading off to college makes my heart hurt sometimes.

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