Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

Despite the rain, I had a wonderful, adventurous Mother's Day!  Cosmo and the girls woke me up with breakfast in bed, mimosas, a dozen GORGEOUS roses and a gift card to Barnes & Noble so I can load up my Nook and then we were off to our Zip Line adventure at the Red Mountain Park!  It was rainy and muddy but that kind of added to the overall experience.  I think the rain helped keep the heat down and the bugs away. We were so muddy we had to stop at Old Navy on the way home and buy some cheap flip-flops so we could grab a bite to eat without muddying up the restaurant.  Now the girls and I are trying to think of something fun & exciting for Father's Day!  The girls are thinking bungee jumping but let's be honest.  The Cos girls like adventure while Cosmo kind of likes to keep his feet on the ground.  Zip lining was fun but I don't see BASE or bungee jumping in my husband's near or immediate future. 

Last night was the Alabama / Mississippi All-Star Showcase.  Cosmo didn't coach either game last night but he and KJ helped with the broadcast of both games.  KJ filmed and Cosmo commentated.  Then, T ran the video for the boys game (KJ did a great job with the girls game but got a little nervous filming the boys's a little faster and she had a hard time keeping up with camera).  The rain held out for most of the girls game but was an absolute deluge for the entire boys game.  T-bone was recognized as an All-State selection for the 3rd straight year and scored 5 goals last night.  She went out with a bang.  I couldn't take the rain any longer and left after half-time and the All-American announcements.  So incredibly proud of Z!  He truly, truly deserves the honor.

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