Thursday, May 17, 2012

It's OK Thursday . . .

It's OK . . .

Its Ok Thursdays have 3 Graduation Parties on Saturday, a Tea on Sunday, another get-together on Monday, another Grad party on Tuesday and my own child's high school graduation next Thursday and not have ANY thing to wear.  ARRRGGGHHH! 

...that I really, really enjoyed my Vinnie del Rocco today. be really, really excited about my family coming in to attend aforementioned graduation. 

...that T bought two super cute Ole Miss game-day dresses today.  Still doesn't help my aforementioned wardrobe situation. have random young men approach me at the mall while I'm on line getting a smoothie and ask if I'm Champ's wife.  Never know what to say...."why yes!  Yes, I am!"  What if the kid didn't get a lot of playing time?  "Um, sorry!  You've obviously mistaken me for someone else!" pull the parent card and force T to get her wisdom teeth done.  Wow.  She is not a happy camper. be sad about Donna Summer's passing.  So many of my middle-school memories have Donna Summer songs playing in the background. 

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