Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Where is George Jetson when you need him???

Thursday night the boys celebrated their Senior night at halftime vs. Spain Park.  Largest group of Seniors the lacrosse team has ever had:  14!  Last year, there was 1 senior.  We had both the boys and girls fill-out a little questionnaire about their accomplishments and after-high school plans to announce during half-time.  It's always impressive to hear what these student-athletes have been up to . . . GPA's, ACT scores, National Honor Society, volunteerism, student council, Math team, Debate, various academic awards, scholarships, etc. 

Friday KJ and I headed to Atlanta for the big Regional volleyball tournament.  Holy Cow!  The venue was huge and a bit overwhelming but the girls had fun.  After Saturday's pool play they were ranked #1.  Sunday morning they won in a tie-breaker against CCJ (Capital City Juniors out of Montgomery) but lost in a tie-breaker to Alliance.  KJ and I decided to have a nice lunch in ATL before heading home. 

Friday T-bone played against Vestavia and lost by 1.  Coach said it was a good game but kind of physical.  Apparently T got slashed and hacked to bits.  After the game Coach and T went to Joe's Crab Shack to listen to a friend's band and hang-out.  One of the boys plays lax for Coach and we have known the other boy since Kindergarten.  Coach said they were awesome! 

Saturday Coach hosted a team from GA and lost but he said it was one of the best games his boys played all year.  The neat part of the game was the SWAG the two teams exchanged.  The GA coach had called Coach and mentioned that they like to bring gifts when they play out of state teams.  So Coach found a couple of shooting shirts and t-shirts and all the captains exchanged SWAG.  The GA team were Bucs too but more like Tampa Bay Buccaneers. 

Sunday was also a big lax day.  BSC played in some kind of Championship game so of course Coach had to go watch some of his former players against Colorado.  JV also had a game and then finished up with their team party.  Whoop!  Whoop!  One party down, three or four more to go!!  T's lax party, T's Bnette Tea, KJ vball party and Varsity Boys party. 

Crazy, crazy week coming up:  middle school vball meeting tonight, KJ has travel vball practice Tuesday and Thursday (Thursday is party night -- parents vs. kids).  Wednesday we have a lax double-header:  Girls Varsity and Boys Varsity.  Friday T has a game and possibly Varsity Boys too.  Saturday is our friend's son's wedding and Sunday is championship day and KJ has a b-day party.  I need lots of vitamins for the upcoming week, a case of Red Bull and a clone.  And maybe a flying car so I don't hit any traffic.  Or maybe the DeLorean used in Back to the Future???

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