Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Open to Interpretation

Ask ten people what the beach means to them and you'll get ten different answers. To some it's soothing and relaxing, to others it's vibrant and exciting. Whether your beach is the Gulf, the Pacific, the Atlantic, Miami, Venice Beach, The Jersey Shore, Myrtle Beach or somewhere in the Caribbean, most people will say the beach evokes wonderful memories with family or friends.

I'm starting to think about my summer/beach dining room tablescape (some people meditate or pray when stressed, some eat, some enjoy a little retail therapy, some knit, some collect stamps or coins to relax. I decorate my dining room table.).

The beach conjures up many different images for me . . . sunsets, soft sand, blue skies, white fluffy clouds, brightly colored umbrellas and beach towels.

I found these photos while surfing the web (ha! I made a phuny!) and this is very, very similar to what I've done in the past. I have a beautiful burlap runner embroidered w/ soft blue sand-dollars, I have the same hi-ball bubble glasses with starfish accents and my margarita glasses are similar (maybe a darker blue).

I also really like the clean lines associated with the following tablescapes . . . the pure white combined with the rough textures of baskets and burlap or seagrass. So fresh and simple.

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Christine Rosko said...

I love both of these! I would use them for different events and situations. Beach themes are always my favorite. New follower!

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