Thursday, May 10, 2012

It's OK ...
Its Ok Thursdays

...that T-Bone picked up her cap and gown yesterday.  And the graduation announcements have been mailed.  Really.  It's OK. 

...that a co-worker sanctimoniously told me she'd never read "50 Shades of Gray" because books about sex are gross and inappropriate.  Hmmm....same co-worker who had an extremely loud, hour-long conversation the other morning with her husband about why she wouldn't have sex with him the night before.  Trust me.  It was pretty graphic, gross and inappropriate for the workplace. 
...that my 12 year old likes to sleep with me when Cosmo is out of town.  It's kind of nice.  Kind of.  Except she's a loud sleep-talker. not have slept well the last couple of nights (see above).  I guess I can sleep when I'm dead. have completely and totally confiscated hubby's new car.  I think he's driven it just a handful of times.  He's so good to me and has finally admitted I look so damn cute in that car!!!

....that people have waited until the very last minute to buy their Mother's Day gifts and are now calling in a panic for gift cards.  C'mon people.  Get it together!

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