Thursday, November 8, 2012

It's OK Thursday

Its Ok Thursdays
It's OK . . . really like the show "Nashville" but not like country music at all. really like the show "Nashville" because of Connie B. / Coach Taylor's wife! really like the show "Nashville" but not be a big fan of Hayden P. be grateful that my family in NY and NJ are all safe and sound. 
...that my candidate didn't win.  We will just stay positive and pray for change.
...that I broke down and bought TSwift's new CD "Red."  Hey!  It was a long car trip.  Don't judge!
...that it's getting colder.  It's November!  It's supposed to be colder!
...that it's November!  Yay!  Sweater, Scarves and Boots weather!!

 It's time to party and meet some new friends!
Twitter, Facebook and blog hop party over @ Neely's blog!
Link up your blog, twitter and facebook!
This is the perfect way to get yourself out there and gain some traffic.
Also, a new way to make friends is always a plus!
  Let's Party! :)
1. Follow your host's Blog, Twitter and Facebook
  2. Follow your co-hosts Blogs, Twitter and Facebooks
  3. Link up your Blog, Twitter and Facebook
4. Tweet about this link party! Tweet
5. Visit a few people in the link up and follow them.
  Then grab a button and spread the word!



Victoria said...

glad to hear your family is okay back on the East coast,those poor people!!

i like nashville because of Connie Britton too :)

what a cute blog you have!

Mason said...

Hi! I'm your newest follower from the blog hop! Can't wait to follow you further :)

xo Mason (

Ashlyn said...

You had me at "coach Taylor's wife"

I am obsessed with Friday Night Lights. And seriously depressed that it's over.

Kelly said...

Great post! I am now following you!

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