Monday, September 3, 2007

Hoover vs. Colerain

OK. So here's the scoop on the Hoover vs. Colerain game. It was an absolutely gorgeous day in downtown Cincinnati. Not a cloud in the sky and the U of Cincinnati campus looked beautiful. We saw lots of friends and neighbors at the game and had fun chatting with everyone.

It was very thrilling to watch the band pour into the stadium, the cheerleaders, the dance team, etc. When the football team came out it was a very proud moment and I really liked when the boys link arms for the coin toss. They looked very intimadating.

We sat right behind the band (3 rows behind the tubas) and we had SO much fun! The band rocked and the girls and I danced in the stands. I especially like when they do the theme song to ESPN. It really gets everyone going.

Chris, of course, LOVED watching his 4 J's play . . . Jake, Justin, Jack & Jayson. We were all so hoarse from screaming and yelling and at one point in overtime, Chris actually had to leave his seat because he couldn't control himself. He went and paced with a bunch of the other dads.

I thought it was a very exciting game from a fun, edge of your seat, over-time point of view. My arm-chair quarterback thought there were a lot of coaching mistakes.


Cosmo said...

Hoover was totally out-coached, this would never happen in lacrosse, we may be out matched against more experienced teams but we ARE NEVER OUT-COACHED !!

Who calls a running play with less than 10 seconds left when the score is tied ?? You throw a pass to the end zone, if you score, great, game is over, if the receiver misses it (which would most likely be the case with Hoover's receivers this year) you kick the field goal. Propst is an idiot !! It's going to be a long year for the Bucs !

Valerie said...

My bad. I totally forgot what an outstanding coaching staff the Hoover Lacrosse team is lucky to have.

Unknown said...

i don't coach anything and i would not have run the ball! what in the world, is rush trying to get himself fired? they should have won.

so glad though that hoover looked intimidating, that is good and how fun the band was there! i'm ready for a fun home game with the band! sounds like you guys had a great time!!

let me know how today went with the babies. my day was pretty good yesterday. i'm going to have a great class once jorge decides he doesn't miss his mom. my left arm hurts from holding him.

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