Monday, September 10, 2007

Museum of Natural History Pics

So I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that Kendall had a good time w/ her dad today in the city. Despite the bad weather and their flight being delayed, everytime I spoke w/ her she was having a blast. Last I heard from them, they were looking for a place to have dinner (Mars 2112 is apparently closed on Monday's). They also got to FAO Schwarz too late but she did go in or at least see the American Girl store (that part wasn't very clear).
She loved the Museum of Natural History and said the big blue whale was "freaky." Not sure if that's good or bad or just plain freaky. I know she bought a new hoodie at the Museum Store.

On a different note I spoke w/ Pop earlier tonight (5:30 - ish my time). He sounded really good just a touch groggy and he said his mouth is very, very dry. He said he was feeling good overall, just a little sore and uncomfortable. Mom said he was doing well. He hasn't had anything to eat since midnight Sunday night. He is expected to go home Tuesday after he's had something to eat and keep it down. He can start driving Thursday a little bit. No heavy lifting for a while.

Time for bed! Goodnight KJ! I miss you & love you. Goodnight Chris! I miss you & love you! XOXOXO

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Cosmo said...

Wow, how cool is the technology of today ? I just walked in the door, hooked up the camera and sent two e-mails. Within a half hour Val had pictures posted on her awesom blog ! My wife is too cool - we had a great day but our feet are killing us !!

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