Saturday, October 25, 2008

Another Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Had a good time @ last night's football game. It was a little crazy getting all of us there but w/ the help of some friends, we worked it out. KJ went home w/ Joe Lev on the bus and hung out at their house for a little while. When Chris finally completed his 2-day journey home from NY, he met the Levs for dinner and exchanged KJ. I had to be @ the high school at 2:30 PM to help set-up and serve the dance team dinner and then I had to stick around until almost 6 PM and help carpool the Freshmen over to the Met for the game. I don't know why, put for some reason the Freshmen can't ride the bus w/ the band. The dinner was really good. It came from Costas and we had a HUGE salad, tons of fresh bread, a tray of fettucine alfredo w/ chicken and a tray and a half of 5-cheese macaroni. That was my favorite! We also had 2 cookie cakes for the girls and the Freshman girls gave the Buccanettes Vera Bradley luggage tags as a gift. Anyway, it was a good football game and we left after the 3rd quarter. This was the senior's last home game and they honored the cheerleaders, the dance team members, the band and the football players. We knew a couple of kids and I just can't believe they're graduating already. Dang!

Chris took T to her 8:30 AM dance class this morning and KJ & I picked her up and took her to the mall where she was meeting her friend Sara. They were getting haircuts (hopefully T gets her eyebrows waxed, too!) and then going back to Sara's house. Later a bunch of them are going ice skating. KJ & I did some grocery shopping after we dropped T off and now I need to clean before some friends come over to watch football today. I've got windows open to let in some fresh air. I'm sure Chris is going to put the TV's out on the deck and have a fire out there. He's been dying to it for the last couple weekends now.

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J said...

It's called low man on totem pole!!!! Being a freshman get the shit of it all! At least that was the case in vb. Glad Chris got home safe.

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