Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Vominator

Yup. KJ threw up around 3:30 AM today. It all started yesterday when she was outside playing w/ the neighbor. She came in for dinner but was crying and said her stomach was killing her. She didn't eat any dinner and took a long bubble bath in my tub. She went to bed but came back downstairs just as the debate was finishing up. She was shaking like a leaf and had a temp of 103. I slept on the couch w/ her and around 3:30 she woke up and threw up. Thank God she made it to the powder room. Anyway, it's now 10:30 AM Thursday morning and I've been rubbing her temples and giving her ice water and cold cloths to put on her head. She's really out of it.

T & I watched the debate last night. Although I'll never vote for him in a million years, I was glad to see Obama finally address the concerns over some of his political alliances. Roe v Wade was mentioned several times so I had to explain that to T. We've never had to discuss that before.
Take a listen to this little tidbit I found on-line. It's Howard Stern and this sound-bite confirms many of our suspicions: Obama supporters are uninformed and are purely voting based on race. Nothing more.


monkeyseemonkeydontdo said...

SO sorry you have a sickie!!!! Sucks, I hope she feels better soon. Umm didn't watch project runway the other night...who won???

Unknown said...

Becky was telling me about the howard stern thing. can't even believe people. crazy!

Unknown said...

is kj feeling better? i know the flu, strain b is presenting like that, throwing up and high fever.

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