Sunday, October 19, 2008

Like a Kid in a Candy Shop

Check out the Vintage Pic from a Tupperware Party.

12:30 Sunday afternoon and I have the whole house to myself for the next couple of hours. Whoopee! Chris & The Girls have left for fall ball. I've been cleaning out some of my dresser drawers and have a trashbag hanging from my bedroom doorknob. That's the only way for me to clean. I just toss everything away, refold what I need and I'm good to go. I had some bras that lost their elasticity, some pajamas that were nasty and just needed to be burned, workout clothes that don't fit or had sweat stains, etc. Trying to simplify. I also need to clean out my tupperware cabinet. I love my daughter to pieces but when she empties the dishwasher, she has a very bad habit of just throwing the tupperware in the cabinet and shutting the door rather than trying to match the bowl to the lid. I also have a lot of sippy cups and stuff like that which have now been replaced by sports bottles. KJ just turned 9, I doubt she'll be drinking from a sippy cup anytime soon. I really need to have a garage sale. What I really need to do is contact a couple of my neighbors and do one down in the cul-de-sac. The one neighbor has said they are starting to think about downsizing -- one daughter has graduated and moved to New Orleans and is working for FEMA, the other daughter is a sophomore at Alabama and only comes home to do laundry and get money. The other neighbor has also talked alot about moving lately.

Absolutely gorgeous weekend. I have all the windows open, lots of fresh air and sunshine. This is my favorite time of year in Alabama. No bugs and I'm not sweating like a pig (or like a whore in church as my husband likes to say).

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Unknown said...

haha, can you imagine being so excited about tupperware. lol. wasn't this weekend beautiful? btw, i clean the same way you do, grab a trash bag, have a hannah home bag ready and start tossing things out! its the easiest way to clean.

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