Thursday, October 23, 2008


A bit chilly today and kind of gray. I think it's supposed to rain a little today and tomorrow. Drew's service at church was this morning and I spoke to Chris briefly before they were heading to the cemetery. He wasn't doing so great.

KJ had a her friend Gabbi come home w/ her yesterday afternoon. She's a very sweet girl. They jumped on the neighbor's trampoline, they played on the swing set and they painted their toenails. KJ went to bed pretty good last night but did not wake up very well. She's like her mom, definitely not a morning person. We also had another little visitor in our house last night, our neighbor's dog Tee-Tut (don't ask! the dog was already named when they got him/her). He/she (I have no idea!) followed the girls around last night while they were playing and came into the house w/ KJ. He/she has done this several times before and used to follow Buddy into the house all the time and drink out of Buddy's water dish and eat his food. T came downstairs after doing her homework and Tee-Tut jumped on the couch and snuggled w/ her. KJ, very discreetly and very subtly, said, "It's awful nice having a dog in the house again, isn't it Mom?" Yes, KJ. I know, I know. You want another dog. I get it. She's relentless and will wear us down until we beg for mercy (or buy her another damn dog; whichever comes first!).

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monkeyseemonkeydontdo said...

That is a sweet photo of your girls!!! Very cuddly!!!

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