Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Fighting thru this cold -- have a sore throat, head ache and the sniffles.

T danced last night at halftime of the Freshman game. The girls did a great job! I think it really makes a difference if they really like the song. They've been wearing big baggy black sweatpants and their orange tank w/ the skull and crossbones. Pretty gangsta. A couple of parents are aggravated because they aren't wearing the costumes we spent a fortune on but as T said, some of their costumes don't really "fit" the song they've been dancing to. They also have the rest of the football season, the entire basketball season and some dance competitions to wear all their costumes.

So it rained a little bit this morning.which is good for the sod Chris just put down. I think it's supposed to rain Wednesday, too.

Tonight's our crazy running around dance night. Last thing I need when I'm not feeling good.

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monkeyseemonkeydontdo said...

Sorry you don't feel good, the girls and I all woke up with sore throats and they have a cough....just what happens in Al when the weather starts to change....oh well! Have a safe night!

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