Sunday, October 26, 2008

Oh What a Wonderful Sunday

What an absolutely beautiful day today has been! Chris was up and out of the house super early to set up a tent at the lax clinic and I got the girls over to the clinic at 10:30 AM this morning. Actually, only KJ was registered for the clinic but T came with us and did her homework until her regular Fall Ball session at 3 PM. After the boys Fall Ball session she had her All-star practice. Needless to say, T is pretty wiped out. So I sat up at the field, took pictures, hung out, passed out pizza, got a sunburn on one side of my face, etc. KJ & I left the fields around 2:30 PM and came home and hung out. (OK, I'll admit it. I took a little nappy on the couch)

I've been asking KJ for more than 2 weeks to clean her room. I finally told her today that if she didn't clean her room I wasn't feeding her. Anything. No dinner, no snacks, no water. Desperate times call for desperate measures. I'm sure DHR has a big fat report w/ my name on it somewhere. She did spend the afternoon in her room but I'm not totally satisfied w/ the results. I have a feeling she shoved a lot of stuff under her dressers.

Had a lot of fun last night watching the Alabama game and the Penn State game. This is Chris's favorite night of the year. He puts two TV's out on the deck and lights a fire and just enjoys the fresh air. Ann & Keith and their 2 little girls came over, Troy came over, our next door neighbor Gary stopped by for a couple of beers w/ the guys and Rick L came over for the first half of the Bama game. It was such a beautiful night and Chris had a great fire going. Ann & Keith brought home-made pizzas, I made meatballs, a chili dip and some wings. The girls made s'mores and everyone was happy. I went to bed around midnight and the men were still out on the deck. Chris said the guys left around 1:30 AM. I was out like a light and never heard a thing.

T is going to ATL this weekend w/ her dance studio for a big dance clinic/tournament kind of thing. She's not competing or anything but Ms. Shannon felt it would be a good experience for her. She recently started taking a Saturday morning class and now she said Ms. Shannon wants her to take a Wednesday night class. Wait. What??? Wednesday is our only "free" night. I love my Wednesday nights. I look forward to Wednesday night. I guess if she's gonna take a Wednesday night class, she better do it now before lacrosse season starts because I know for a fact that she'll have lax on Monday & Wednesday. So, let me get this straight: Monday is freshman football games (the season will be ending soon). Monday is also All-star lax practice. Tuesday is dance night, Wednesday will be a dance night now, Thursday is a dance night, Friday is a dance team night and Saturday morning is dance. Sunday is lax fall ball and All-star practice. Hmmmm----something's got to give. Although, I'm thinking this may not be such a bad thing. Keeps her out of trouble.

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